About Bernie School District

School Mission

"Achieving Excellence Together"

The Bernie R-XIII School district assumes the responsibility to offer a quality education to all students. Our mission is, "to provide an excellent academic, physical, social/moral, and vocational experience for every student in a safe orderly environment".

Philosophy of Education

It is our belief that the philosophy of education should constitute the underlying foundations on which our school system functions. The major concern and purpose of education in America's preparation for the democratic way of life. A democracy recognizes the worth of the individual in a changing world society. This way of life must be learned by each new generation, and education becomes the means by which children are taught to prepare for, to preserve, and to improve the American way of life. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the school to provide for the intellectual, physical, social, and vocational needs of its students.

We further believe that each child, regardless of his background, should have sufficient opportunity to develop the previously stated attributes commensurate with his ability. Education must help the student realize his worth as an individual and should lead him toward becoming a productive member of society.

Specific Goals and Objectives

WE BELIEVE that we owe each individual the opportunity to develop his/her intellect to the limit of his capabilities. The total of all subject matter areas represented in our school curriculum shall provide a foundation of knowledge deemed necessary by society to insure the perpetuation of learning. Included in this learning, we believe that each individual shall have the opportunity to develop proficiency in and a positive attitude toward communicative skills, mathematical reasoning, man and his relationship with others, scientific explorations, and aesthetic appreciation.

WE BELIEVE that every student must have the opportunity to develop his/her physical and mental well being to the maximum. This would include the skills necessary to aid physical growth and afford healthful and worthwhile recreation throughout life. The development of wholesome attitude toward functions of the body and mind includes nutrition, hygiene, and safety.

WE BELIEVE that each individual must have every opportunity to develop socially, culturally, and ethically in order to help perpetuate the best features of the American way of life. The process of taking an active and responsible part in the social interplay of family, community, and country--awareness and acceptance of one's self as a worthy part of society--shall be reinforced in classroom activities. Extra-curricular pursuits and activities condoned by home, school, and community shall be fostered.

WE BELIEVE that each individual must have the opportunity to survey a wide range ofcareer and vocational opportunities commensurate with the student's particular skills prerequisite to entrance into his/her chosen field of endeavor. Adequate professional guidance shall be provided to the student to explore possible career areas of his/her interest and assist him/her in making a wise choice in his/her future plans.

WE BELIEVE the student must have responsibilities in the educational program of his community. Most important of these is a cooperative attitude. The student is obliged to come with an open mind, equipped with all the necessary materials, and a willingness to work and succeed.

WE BELIEVE the parents have definite responsibilities in education. Parents should encourage students to cooperate with school, to give his best efforts to his daily school responsibilities, and to participate in school activities.

WE BELIEVE the community at large shares with the school the responsibility for educating children and youth. The community must provide not only financial support but also time and talent that are important to the provision of quality education. Additionally, the community should have the opportunity to provide input regarding decisions affecting education.

WE BELIEVE the instructional program should be housed in buildings that are safe, well maintained, and conductive to learning.

WE BELIEVE the resources and facilities of the school district belong to the entire community. To the extent desired by the community and consistent with the regular instructional program, these resources and facilities should be made available to the entire community to the maximum extent possible.