Elementary Faculty/Staff

Administrative Staff

Tommie Ellenburg Principal 573.293.5334 ext 228

Debbie Freed Secretary 573.293.5334 ext 229

Lisa Henry Counselor 573.293.8230

Lindsay Beaird Process Coordinator 573.293.8256

LaShun Rutledge Social Worker/Homeless Contact/ 573.293.8296

Foster Care Point of Contact

Teaching Staff

Ginger Beaird ECSE 573.293.8290

Maria Dowdy Preschool 573.293.8291

Kelsi Friese Kindergarten 573.293.8262

Jayme Harris Kindergarten 573.293.8258

Lyndsey Neeley First Grade 573.293.8237

Katie Cox First Grade 573.293.8239

Emily Cook Second Grade 573.293.8241

Shelly Dockins Second Grade 573.293.8240

Brandi Stanley Third Grade 573.293.8244

Sara Nash Third Grade 573.293.8245

Heather Hann Fourth Grade 573.293.8248

Amber Eaton Fourth Grade 573.293.8246

Crystal Presson Fifth & Sixth Grade 573.293.8250

Stephanie Bristow Fifth & Sixth Grade 573.293.8253

Candi Simpson Fifth & Sixth Grade 573.293.8254

Rachel Collier Fifth & Sixth Grade 573.293.8252

Casey Arnold Speech Implementer/PAT 573.293.8255

Palisa Huber ELA Push-In 573.293.8238

Nicole Garner Math Push-In 573.293.8238

Misty Johnson Special Services 573.293.8247

Beth Slavings Special Services 573.293.8243

Kristin Livingston Art 573.293.8292

Tate Midkiff Music 573.293.8263

Marcus Massey 5th and 6th Grade Physical Education 573.293.8261

Jackie Bennett Library 573.293.8259

Amy Kerperien Reading Intervention

Rachel Vernon PK-4th Grade Physical Education

Support Staff

Lisa Waltrip Nurse 573.293.8231

Elemin Shell Aide

Brittany Owens Aide

Taylor McCalister Aide

Sierra Eberle Aide

Kayla Norman Aide

Victoria Jacobs Aide